I volunteered and worked for the Open Stories Foundation for two years. I was working full time for over a year. I organized about oversaw the crowdsourced of the Shared Values, I oversaw the organization of 12 conferences, I created and administrated the regional Facebook groups, I administrated the Mormon Stories Podcast community Facebook group, I resolved multiple conflicts, I proposed policies, I oversaw committees, and I organized hundreds of volunteers who put in thousands of hours of work. I did more.

My full compensation for all of my work was around $28,000.

The volunteers received nothing.

When the Open Stories Foundation did not protect me from John and his retaliations, John had his donors and the foundation pay his attorney fees. I paid my own.

When John doxxed me in 2014 and getting employment was difficult, I purchased a franchise so I could use their brand name to make money (acknowledging, of course, that there are always multiple factors that lead to any one decision). I witnessed the franchise’s involvement in a major crime and refused to be involved. I never wanted to be in another dangerous employment situation — one in which I knew something was very wrong but was in too much personal danger to report. I understood that if I continued with the franchise, I would be complicit to their crime and that they would expect me to help them defraud other franchisees the way they defrauded me. I refused to keep my contract and open a franchise location. The franchise sued me for breaking my contract and refusing to give them an $88,000 franchise fee. They did this even though I had only actively been with them for a little over a month. They won using contract law.

I am bankrupt. I owe the franchise somewhere between $363,000 and half a million.